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Does love still exist? nahhh....

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As I am getting people I don't know friending me, I thought I would let you all know my rules for friending.

My rules

At this time, I won't be friending anyone unless I know you in "Real Life". I have a young son of whom I like to talk about--which for most everyone should understand why I choose not to friend anyone I don't know.

Why not set up a filter?

Because I am rather absent minded, and could forget to use the right filter. Besides you aren't missing anything. I mean really... Why would someone who doesn't know me or my son care about which things my son tested positive for on his allergy tests? Trust me, it's BORING stuff...

All the stuff that will interest you will be publically posted. :-)

UPDATE NOV. 11: I've noticed that a couple of people have added me as friends. My guess is because of my Nanowrimo novel. Major posts regarding this work will be publically viewable. A link to the full work will be available after the first of the year.